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Wedding Photography

Your Wedding Photos should be as unique and memorable as your wedding day!

My policy on Wedding Photography is simple.

"Photography that's as easy on you as it is on the eye!"
I want you to feel comfortable and confident so that you can relax and enjoy one of the most exciting days of your life.
I do my best not to cause you any stress or put you under any more pressure than you may already be feeling at the time.
I aim to capture dynamic images that reflect your personal characters and the unique atmosphere of your wedding.
I keep the cost of my services to a minimum and always give my clients full reproduction rights to the images I produce.

Special Effects and Composite Images

With my Basic Wedding Package I include a few (at least 3) digital Special Effect or Composite Images. They are not to everyone's taste but I have received extremely positive feedback about them from many of my clients. I think they add a little extra sparkle to a well presented wedding album. Applying these effects during the editing process rather than "in camera" when the photographs are taken means that you always retain the original, "natural" image.

The link below will take you to a slide show of my wedding photography.

Please be aware that the quality and sharpness of the images on this site does not reflect the quality of the original photographs due to the limitations of internet technology.

If you are using a dial up connection please be patient.

Slide Show

Slide Show Instructions

Click the "Lightbox", "Show all" or "Album view" text to change to that view. Scroll the large image and thumbnails to a position where you can see the whole picture in Album view. Click a thumbnail to display the large image in Lightbox view. Use the arrow keys or click thumbnails to change pictures.

Package Prices

This link will take you to a detailed quote on my "basic" package for wedding photography and a selection of options which include Coffee Table Book albums and framed enlargements.

Please contact me by phone or email to discuss your wedding plans and any specific ideas you have regarding your wedding photography or the end product you require.

I can produce traditional wedding albums, coffee table books, DVD slide shows,

hosted web albums, large, framed prints and 3D displays on request.

Date Checker

This link will open a diary checker and allow you to check that I am not

already booked on your chosen wedding date.

If the date is available and you would like to book me as your Wedding Photographer or enquire

further please contact me on the phone numbers below or use the "Email me" button.

Links for couples who have already booked their wedding photography with me.

Booking Sheet

This link will open a printable booking sheet which you will need to fill in and return to me at least two weeks before your wedding.

Suggested Itinerary

This link will open a suggested itinerary for a wedding with short travelling distances between the address at which I will meet the bride, the ceremony and the reception venues.

Please feel free to call me to discuss your plans and the amount of time to allow for photography between the various events of the day. Remember that "it's your day" and I will be as co-operative as possible to ensure that you don't feel rushed or pressured into anything you don't want to do.

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Phone: 03 5233 6236      Mobile: 0411 269 036


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